Attn 3rd & 6th Years!

Attn 3rd & 6th Years!

Please see below communication from DES regarding the upcoming State Exams...

Dear Principal

Thank you for your continued support with the preparations for the 2023 examinations.

As we get closer to the written examinations, we continue to require your assistance in communicating some very important messages to Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate Candidates.

As you are aware, we have migrated to online marking of candidates’ examination answers on a phased basis over the last number of years. We have found this to be a very positive experience for all, including for examiners in the marking of scripts and for Leaving Certificate candidates when it comes to the viewing of scripts.

We have prepared a short video which sets out some very important information to candidates in relation to the completion of their examinations and we require your assistance in ensuring that the video is brought to the attention of candidates. The video contains key messages for candidates including:

  • how they should provide key information on the front cover of their answer books that is essential to ensure their scripts are processed accurately and effectively;
  • and the correct writing instruments that they should use in the examinations to ensure examiners can read their complete scripts.

This video can be found under the heading “Information for Candidates” at

We would greatly appreciate if you would bring this to the attention of Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle candidates in your school as follows:

  • by playing the video in the classroom;
  • by sharing it on your social media platforms;
  • by including it in email communications or in any way that you regularly contact your Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate Candidates.

With your assistance, we can ensure that Candidates are aware of the key requirements to ensure that their scripts are processed effectively.


Ger Murphy

Online Marking Section

State Examinations Commission


Co Westmeath

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01 459 1158
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