Wriggle Information Pack

Wriggle Information Pack

Many thanks to those who attended our online meeting earlier this week, we were delighted to see parents join us in such high numbers and hope the information delivered throughout this session provided clarity in informing any decisions made around the purchase of a device for school purposes.

For those who may have missed the meeting, we discussed the use of laptops and tablets in school and facilitated a presentation from an Educational Software company called Wriggle. Wriggle are offering those who may be interested an option of buying an educational only device. While a student laptop or tablet is not mandatory in our school, we can see the fantastic benefits of students using a device for research, CBA’s, projects and for accessing Microsoft Teams. All students in Coláiste Bríde are required to have a hard copy of each text book, text books also come with a free download. You can then download your text book on to a laptop or tablet, removing the need to carry multiple heavy textbooks each day. Phones are not suitable for this purpose as eBooks are not designed for use on a small screen. In addition, phones can be a distraction and are only allowed for specific teaching and learning purposes under the direct instruction of a teacher.

Wriggle have put together a Parent Information Pack with everything you may need should you wish to purchase a device.

Click HERE to download the booklet

This pack contains all relevant information that was outlined at our online session in relation to the optional purchase of a Wriggle device. This may be purchased in addition to your daughters' schoolbooks directly from Wriggle. One of the main advantages of purchasing a Wriggle device over a tablet or laptop you may already have or buy elsewhere, is that the Wriggle device is for educational purposes only, your child will not be able to download any social media apps to the device. However, it should also be noted that access to social media such as Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram etc. is blocked on the school network, they will not be able to access social media on any device while in school.

Should you decide to order a Wriggle device, you order direct from Wriggle, not the school. You will need the code below to make your purchase:

Your Wriggle store code: 56320559

Should you have any queries which are not addressed in the Information Pack please contact Wriggle directly at info@wrigglelearning.ie

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