Jan 15, 2015

Gaisce - The President's Award

On the 14th of January three of our 6th year students received the National Presidents Award's second highest honour, the Silver Gaisce. The students; Jennifer Hall, Lorenta Xheladini & Julie Bui Mai all began their journey to complete the Silver Gaisce in 5th year. Each student had to undertake 26 weeks of community service as
well as a physical activity, a new skill and also to go off on a physical endurance adventure weekend.

The award is based around the idea of challenge.  Each task is designed to push young people outside of their comfort zones, to try new things, to meet new people and to achieve things they didn't think they could. The Silver Gaisce is more challenging that the Bronze award which is often taken up by students in transition year. It builds on the drive and motivation young people need to develop to complete the Bronze award and encourages them to take their efforts that bit further.  A Silver Gaisce holder is a person who shows great ambition, perseverance and dedication. These skills are highly valued in colleges and careers and are invaluable on a CV.

Our newly awarded Silver Gaisce award holders have really shown strength of character throughout their journey, even when their 50 kilometer hike brought them to tears, they pushed through and managed to
complete the challenge.  They're award were presented in Trinity College by Noirin O'Sullivan, the first female police commissioner in Ireland.  The commissioner gave an inspiring speech to the 100+ young men and women receiving their award, commending their perseverance & particularly their role within their communities through community service.


The girls will be leaving Coláiste Bríde at the end of the year, but we sincerely hope to meet them again if they decide to undertake their Gold Gaisce award in the future.

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