Feb 6, 2015

SSE Reports

Principal's Introduction to School Self Evaluation

'School self-evaluation (SSE) empowers a school community to affirm good practice, to identify areas that merit improvement and to decide on actions that should be taken to bring about improvements in those areas.  It gives teachers and schools the opportunity to tell their own story.  SSE enriches the learning and the teaching experience for the benefit of all concerned.  SSE is primarily about schools taking ownership of their own development and improvement.'

School Self Evaluation Guidelines for Post-Primary Schools, pg. 8.

Coláiste Bríde has always had a strong emphasis on continual improvement and striving to provide the best educational opportunities for our whole school community.

Our successful WSE-MLL report 211states:

'The board and senior management's capacity for self-review and evaluation is a key strength of the school.  It is best exemplified by the self-review activity undertaken with 'Mapping our Future' and the processes established to action the priorities identified.  Key to the successful implementation of the areas identified for improvement will be the engagement of staff with the change agenda as identified by the school's
self-evaluation process.'

School Self Evaluation builds on the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy as schools evaluate teaching and learning.  By reflecting on what teachers are doing in their classrooms and reflecting on student experiences, in consultation with parents, staff and Board of Management, School Improvement Plans and Reports are compiled.

We encourage parents, staff and students to get involved in this process in order to keep improving the quality of educational experience in Coláiste Bríde.



Please click here to view our School Improvement Plan

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