Mar 9, 2015

Online Safety Alert!!

Be Online Safety Aware!!

Online safety is an issue that we take very seriously in Coláiste Bríde as you know and each year we host an information session for parents as well as regularly addressing our students and each year being addressed by our local Community Gardai too.

We have recently discovered there may be students/others setting up fake Facebook profiles of staff.  This is a most serious matter and is reported to the Gardai.  Be assured that as a school and as staff members we do not request friends on Facebook with students, this is not used by the school and is indeed blocked.  If you ever come across this matter please report it immediately as the school treats this most seriously.

It has also come to our attention more and more that students are putting themselves into danger by posting photos and videos of themselves naked and/or semi-naked on their social media sites.  Essentially this is child pornography, is inappropriate, is dangerous and we urge parents to speak with their daughter/s re online safety.

Students are not aware of the dangers and where their images may end up around the world.  We advise parents to seek advice.  Consult websites such as and

We generally advise students of the "Granny Rule" re internet safety and appropriate online behaviour -

"Would your Granny be happy to see/read that?"


We urge you to please take this issue seriously and take the necessary action to protect your daughter!

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