Oct 8, 2015

European Day of Languages

Friday September 25th marked European Day of Languages and the occasion was celebrated all over Europe ... and on social media! This day is a great way to celebrate young people learning European languages and it aims to highlight the importance of language learning to promote cultural and linguistic diversity and understanding in Europe. At least half of the world's population is bilingual and this day aims to remind us that learning a second language improves all language skills as well as cerebral reflexes and thinking processes!

Here in Coláiste Bríde French, Italian, Spanish and Polish are the European languages taught in the school and we want our girls to be proud of their learning!

Students submitted beautiful posters for the Poster Competition and on Friday most students & teachers dressed up in different ways to represent the country of the language they learn! Berets, Breton stripes, curly moustaches, mime artists, pizza outfits and pasta shell jewellery are some of the paraphernalia that made the cut! Croissants of course were the order of the day and TY student Hollie Dunne appealed to local bakers for donations for our event. Well done & merci beaucoup Hollie. The day was a great success and we look forward to next year already! Ho la la!

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