Sep 14, 2017


Dear Past Pupil,

I hope we find you well. As you might be aware Coláiste Bríde is a College For Every Student (CFES) school. This means we are focused on making connections for our students between secondary school and taking the leap to college. We strive for every student to believe that they have the potential to achieve and succeed. In promotion of this belief, we are rolling out a school CFES initiative called "Who am I?".  To get involved it will take ten minutes to fill out the template below.

This template will be framed and placed outside the most appropriate subject classroom. So, for example, if you are working in a business environment your profile might appear outside the a business studies classroom. The link we are hoping to make for students is that when I walk through the doors of this classroom I could have a job that looks like this!!

We are so very proud of our amazing past pupils and what you have achieved. We are asking that you might find the time to encourage and influence our present student cohort. Inspire, influence and encourage others along the lifelong journey of learning.

Please take ten minutes to fill out the form below so you can help inspire the next graduating class from Coláiste Bríde...

Please click HERE to get started!!

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