Mar 15, 2018

Evening Study


Evening Study Term 3 - Final term for 2017/18 school year!

It's hard to believe but the end is in sight!  For any students looking to go that extra mile and put that extra effort in for the final term, our last term of Evening Study will commence on Monday April 9th (the first day back after the Easter break) and will run until Thursday May 24th.  Evening Study gives students a chance to study/work in a quiet, focused environment without distraction (something which is often difficult to do at home!).  Prices are as follows:

5 Nights - €100 / 4 Nights - €80 / 3 Nights - €65

As this is such a short term, fees must be paid in full before your daughter begins Night Study.  All fees are payable online through your daughters Vsware account.  A consent form must also be signed by parents/guardians and presented to the supervisor on the 1st night.

Further details available from reception.

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