Sep 17, 2018

JC Appeal Script Request


Junior Cycle Appeals Information 2018

Access to Examination Scrips:

Following a decision of the European Court of Justice last year, written examination scripts are now considered to be the personal data of candidates. As such, candidates now have a right to obtain a copy of their examination script from the SEC following the issue of the results of the examinations.

Under the legislation, the SEC, as a data controller, is required to respond to a data access request within 30 days of receipt of the request. However, the law also allows for this time period to be extended to 90 days depending on the number and complexity of the requests received

If the number of data access requests is high then those making request for scripts under the data protection legislation should expect that it will be three months before they receive their scripts.

There are two ways for candidates to apply for a copy of their script:

1. Administrative facility only for candidates considering an appeal

Unlike Leaving Cert students, Junior Cycle students do not have an opportunity to view their scripts in advance of the appeals closing date.  The SEC would like to provide that a candidate who wishes to see their script in rder to assist them in making a decision to appeal a result will have this opportunity.  However, in light of the potential volume of script access requests, priortising those that are required in the consideration of an appeal will only be possible with the assistance of school authorities.

Please click here for a special form, JAP 1 - Appeals Script Request form, for candidates to make a script access request in consideration of an appeal.  The SEC requires the school principal or deputy principal to confirm that a script applied for under this administrative facility is required as the result achieved by the candidate in the subject is at variance with the school's expectation of their level of attainment.  This reflects the appeal application process at Junior Cycle which requires the school to confirm that the appeal is justified.

The SEC will endeavour to process the Appeal Script Request froms so that candidates will have their scripts in advane of the appeal closing date.  This JAP1 form must be returned to schoool by Tuesday September 18th.

2. Data Access Request under Data Protection Legislation

Candidates who wish to exercise their right to receive a copy of their script or their marks and who do not intend to appeal their result should apply using the Subject Access Request form for candidates available from the Data Protection section of the SEC's website and should follow procedure for making an application this way.

Under the Data Protection Act, the SEC is required to respond to a data access request for personal data within 30 days of receipt of the request.  However, this time period may be extended to 90 days depending on the number and complexity of the requests received by the SEC.  The SEC will endeavour to provide the requested information within 30 days and will notify applicants should it become necessary to extend the time limit to 90 days.

To view the Appeals Information Booklet in full, please click here


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