Feb 26, 2020

Corona Virus Updates


Updates re Corona Virus

For the most up to date information from both the Department of Education and the HSE, please click on the relevant logos below:



Covid-19 information in languages other than English and Irish

To address the needs of students/parents/guardians for whom English is not their first language, the Department of Education has produced a number of resources relating to the Covid-19 pandemic in the following languages:

Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French, Arabic, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Latvian and Lithuanian.

Please click on the link below to access these resources:


Please see below for announcement regarding cancellation of the Leaving Cert and Junior Cycle orals:

Please see below Updated Measures in Response to Covid-19 as of March 12th...


Notice to parents/guardians re students working from home:

Please note:

1. Teachers will distribute work to students via email or teams between the hours of 9-11am each day

2. Students are responsible for the completion of work and can return work via email/teams to their teachers  for correction.

3. Teachers will provide feedback or further direction to students during normal school hours.

As announced by An Taoiseach earlier today, schools will close from 6pm on Thursday March 12th. Please click on the link below to read the statement from the DES:

Please find below a link for advice regarding the Corona virus in languages other than English:

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please note, as a precautionary measure only, we are advising students to begin emptying their lockers so they have their books at home should they need them.  You may help your daughter to do this but only at the times specified below:

Thursday after 3.30pm or Friday after 1.30pm only

Please adhere to the specified times!  For Health & Safety reasons, you will not be permitted to enter the carpark or the buidling at any other time.

Please see below the latest advice from the Chief Medical Officer to schools:


Please see below for current statement from the Department of Education as of 10/03/20:

Yesterday we had a visit from the RTE news team to see what measures we have put in place here in school to cope with the Corona virus crisis.  Please click below to read the article and view the piece featured on the Six One news...


Students returning from the Paris trip

Please note, regarding students returning from the Paris trip - we have sought advice from the HSE and have been advised both students and staff should continue as normal.  As this situation is changing by the day, please check the HSE website regularly for updates and follow all advice issued by the HSE.



Please note, the Department of Foreign Affairs have issued a new bulletin regarding travel to affected areas in Italy.  If your daughter is due to travel on one of the upcoming Italian tours, please click on the link below to update yourself on the current situation.

Parents who are concerned are advised to contact the HSE directly.  Please see below for the phone number and Twitter handle for HSE Live.  You can also access HSE Live Chat here to start a conversation with a HSE representative.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Last night the Chief Medical Officer issued a letter to schools and preschools outlining precautions to take.  Please click on the link below to read the latest correspondence from the Chief Medical Officer

Schools Update


Please click on the links below for updates as of March 2nd 2020...


Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you are aware we have a number of European tours coming up over the next number of weeks, 2 of those to Northern Italy.  We are following the advice of the Department of Foreign Affairs as it is issued.  The JMB and NAPD have also issued information in relation to school trips, please see below for links.

We also advise you to follow the advice issued from the HSE, link below also.

If your daughter is due to go on one of these trips, you will be contacted by text or email should new information become available.  Please make sure the teacher running your daughters trip has a valid email address and contact number for you.




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