May 7, 2020

Take what you need...


Take What You Need Wall

This is a virtual version of a Take What You Need Wall.  In it you will find so many useful resources to help you through this situation.  Across the top you will find 9 headings:

Affirmations / Mental Health Supports / Calm & Connect / Meditation / Exercise / Bored?...Try this! / Online Books and Study Tools / 6th Yr Tips & Tricks / Parents

Just as the title suggests, you click in and out of whatever it is you might need help with at any given time.  Whether you are just looking for a positive message to give you a boost or some time out to relax and disconnect, there are tools for everything here.  Take the time to navigate through the page and see what it has to offer.  And it's not just for students, there's something in there for everyone!

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