Jun 15, 2020

FAO 3rd Yrs

Update re Junior Cycle reporting

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope that you all remain safe and well at this time. We would like to inform both parents and students that 3rd Year Junior Cycle School Reports are currently being processed. We have followed the Assessment and Reporting on students' learning at Junior Cycle May 2020 - Guidelines for Schools issued by the Department of Education and Science.

Students will receive their report upon their return to school. Usually, provisional Junior Cycle results are not available until mid-September followed by official Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement Certificates issuing in December. We are happy to say that we will have our school report available for students at an earlier date of late August/early September. We look forward to marking this achievement with students and acknowledging their hard work throughout their Junior Cycle years.

This school report will include the results from each of their subjects, short course descriptors, Classroom Based Assessment grade descriptors, their engagement with our Wellbeing Programme and an area of the report we refer to as Other Areas of Learning. This section of the report highlights three areas of school life that each student participated in and that they are proud of.

Wishing you all a safe and restful summer. We look forward to welcoming your daughter to return to Coláiste Bríde as a Senior Cycle student.

Kind regards,

Louise Ronan

Deputy Principal

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