Dec 17, 2020

Covid Update - CMO


Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have received a letter from the CMO, Dr. Tony Holohan, addressing the Christmas holidays.

We would ask you to pay particular attention to the paragraph addressing travel over the Christmas holidays.  If you travel abroad over the holidays, you have the following options upon your return.  Before you return to school you must do one of the following:

Restrict your movements for 14 days upon your return to Ireland.  You must show proof of your return date to Ireland before you will be allowed back to school.


Take a PCR test on day 5 after your return to Ireland.  You should continue to restrict your movements until you recieve your results.  If your test comes back negative, you will be allowed back to school once you show proof of your negative test result along with proof of your return date to Ireland.  Should your test return positive, you must follow protocol according to the HSE.

Click here to read the CMO's letter in full

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