May 24, 2021

From the principal...


Dear Parent / Guardian

It's that time of year again, as this year comes to a close and we start planning for the next school year.  Firstly, I would like to thank all of our student and their parents for the great cooperation and resilience through what has been a school year with a difference.   I really appreciate the support of our parents, your understanding and the huge turnout for all information meetings that we held throughout the year.

Parents are already asking when is the return date to school next year and I am now in a position to confirm that we are starting back on Wednesday, 25th August 2021.

What we do know is that the Department of Education has alerted us to the fact that Covid conditions will probably be continuing in our schools when we return.  As you know we have managed, with your support, the procedures around Covid protection well in our school and we aim to keep these high standards, that the Department of Education Inspector praised so much.

In light of this, lockers will not be made available to students on their return. We will continue with the timetables put in place this year to minimize interactions and maximize safety i.e. split breaks, shorter lunch times etc.

Many students and parents have invested in devices and have had questions for us around using devices and it was for this purpose that we held an information meeting last night (May 20th).   It is important to note that devices are not compulsory in our school but we do allow students the option of using a device as a learning tool as we know that this is better than using a phone for learning purposes.

Technology in the classroom has been widely used in Coláiste Bríde over many years.  We have been long acknowledged as an ICT leading school with being selected to be among the first secondary schools in Ireland for Computer Science and Coding.   Students use technology to assist in their learning from working on orals / aurals, doing maths, creating content, creating videos, presentations, learning skills throughout a huge range of subjects.   Technology is not only used as a tool to research and record learning at home and in school but also as a means to develop to live and thrive in the 21st century.   An education device is a lot more than an eReader of school books.

Even if you get a device, or already have one, we recommend that you take the option of having a real book too that can be used at home and/or in school should you wish.  When you buy the book you will get a code to get the ebook for free.

If you already have a device purchased for your daughter, she can use this safely in school, as we have safety protocols in place over our school WiFi, which will be further updated over the summer.

The meeting last night with Wriggle who are an established reputable company working in the education sector was intended to give parents information about purchasing a managed educational device which has a special next business day warranty.   Please see the article on our Homepage for all the information and links from that meeting.

Again, to clarify, our booklists and calendar for next year will be published on the website in early June as usual.    In this exceptional year, the Department of Education is allowing schools that have 6th year students (which we do) to finish classes on Friday, May 28th to allow teachers complete the work necessary for accredited grades.   End of year reports for all other years will be available on VSWare in mid June as usual.   Junior Cycle students will get their full school JCPA Award in September.


Wishing you all a safe and happy summer.

Yours sincerely

Marie-Thérèse Kilmartin





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