Please note all students must have their own earphones with them everyday.  They must be regular earbuds, not wireless headphones as they may not always have access to the internet.  For hygiene reasons Earbuds cannot be shared or borrowed so it is important each student has their own!   Please, please make sure they are labelled somehow.  If your daughters name is not on them we have no hope of identifying them should they get lost!


Dear Parent/Guardian,

Below you will find the links for booklists for the 2020/21 school year.  We are fully aware of the financial impact Covid-19 has had on some households.  With this in mind, changes to books have been kept to an absolute minimum.  We have tried our very best to keep costs to a minimum.

Book Grant - 1st and 5th years only

As with other years, there will be a book grant of €100 available to students entering 1st year and 5th year only. To qualify for this book grant, you must be a social welfare recipient and/or have a medical card for your daughter (must be a full, current medical card, GP only does not meet the criteria).  Proof of this will be required. We will be processing book grants when the office reopens in August.  You will be given a specific day and time to attend.  You will be notified in August by text of your day and time to attend.  You will need to bring your daughters medical card with you on the day.

Vsware Payments on booklists

For subjects such as Art and music where there is a payment rather than a book, you will see it says payable through Vsware.  Please note, this facility will be availabe from August onwards.  Please do not make payments before then as you may be paying a charge from a previous year.

LCA Students

Books and materials for LCA students will be confirmed with your teachers when you return to school in August.

Summer Office Hours

Please note, the office will be closed for the month of July, both physically and virtually.  We will return to the office (all going well!) on Tuesday August 4th 2020.

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year


5th Year

6th Year

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