September 2016:

Colaiste Bride was recently awarded a CFES School of Distinction Award for 2015-2016. We were one of 33 schools who received this award and 9 of which were schools in Ireland. A list of schools can be viewed at the following link


Attaining this award is in recognition of the tremendous work that all the staff in our school do to raise student aspirations and build a college-going culture in our school community.

We received this award for our continued work in implementing the three core practices of CFES - Pathways to College, Leadership Through Service and Mentoring. The school excelled in these areas in some of the following ways:

Pathways to College:

  • Promoting STEM careers through Science and Maths week,
  • Careers Investigations by 5th and 6th Year LCVP Students,
  • Whole School Activities during College Awareness Week

Leadership Through Service:

  • Student Council members leading and organising Well Being Week
  • Widespread whole school fundraising for national and local issues such as homelessness and suicide awareness


  • TY Students currently receive mentoring from both college students and graduates from career areas in which they are interested
  • 5th year students act as mentors to our new 1st years to help them transition from primary to secondary school


September 2015:

Coláiste Bríde is proud to announce that it was chosen as  School of Distinction for CFES for 2014-2015. This is in recognition of all the work that was done in the school as part of the CFES programme being run in the school. Coláiste Bríde was only 5 schools from Ireland were successful in obtaining School of Distinction. Many thanks to all the staff and students who worked so hard for us to achieve this!

5th Year LCVP students visited Trinity College Dublin and received a talk about the courses on offer, the access programmes available to our students before going on a guided tour of the campus.  5th Year students also received a talk from a past pupil of Coláiste Bríde who has recently changed careers to provide students with information on potential career options after school.

Mentoring will resume for our current 3rd years in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for the dates.

Mr. Fitzgerald


On Tuesday February 10th 2nd year students and their parents/guardians attended the 1st mentoring session in relation to CFES.  There was a wonderful turnout and the night proved successful for both parents and students alike.

Please click here to read a summary of the evening and see feedback we have received from parents.



Coláiste Bríde is proud to announce that it is now a College for Every Student School.  College for Every Student, or CFES as it is known, is an American programme that is being implemented and rolled out in ten schools across Ireland and we are extremely lucky to be chosen to be a part of the programme. Our neighbouring school Moyle Park College has also been chosen as a CFES school and we will be working very closely with them in the programme.

The aim of CFES is to create and maintain a college going culture in our school. CFES aims to help our students become more aware that going to college is a real possibility and not just a dream. It aims to raise awareness of the process involved in reaching 3rd level and try to equip them with the skills they need to enable them to remain in 3rd level.

CFES is built upon 3 foundations:

Pathways to College

Leadership Through Service


Pathways to College focuses on making our students more aware of the process involved in reaching 3rd level education. Through pathways to college our students will become informed about the subjects you need for certain courses, the entry requirements for those courses and the colleges that offer those courses.

Leadership Through Service will help our students express their leadership skills and potential through activities that make our school and community a better place. This aspect will help our students enhance their leadership skills, build self-confidence and improve resilience.

Mentoring involves providing guidance and assistance to our students during their time in school. It is on-going programme in the school and has been for some time. Our second year students will be mentored by many of our past pupils who are currently studying at 3rd level education.

CFES has the ability to change the lives of those involved in it. It has been proven to improve academic performance and raise attendance of the students involved. It will help raise the aspirations our students for life after school.

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