In this section you will find links to reports from subject inspections carried out by the Department of Education, the most recent being our Whole School Inspection.


Whole School Evaluation (WSE) Report March 2020

We are very proud to release to students and parents of Coláiste Bríde our recently published Whole School Evaluation (WSE) report. It praises the “exemplary behaviour” of students, the “exceptional volunteerism of the staff”, the “outstanding SEN team”, the “dedication of our middle leaders” and the excellence in leadership and management.  It was an amazing achievement to get such positive feedback from the Inspectors but it reflects the tremendous work, the high standards and expectations that are lived on a daily basis. Well done to everyone!

May I take this opportunity to thank every person who played a role in gaining this excellent report, which is at the top of the Inspection continuum.  From the students who were in all the classes visited, all 2nd and 5th Year parents and students who completed questionnaires about the school, the 10 students who met the Inspectors in a formal meeting, the members of the Parents’ Council who also had a scheduled meeting, all the staff, members of the Board of Management who are volunteers supporting the school and my colleagues on the Senior Leadership Team – aka the 3 Deputy Principals.

This report was published as schools were shut so we have had no time to praise the students for their huge contribution, not only once is exemplary behaviour mentioned but twice, showing how impressed the Inspectors were and they visit lots of schools who do not get such words to describe the student behaviour.  So ladies, a big ‘Bualadh Bos’ from me.  You rose to the challenge as I knew you could and would. I am so proud of you and for you! Well done!  #proud #exemplary

Please take the time to read this report for yourselves, it is a public document. All school inspection reports can be seen on the Department of Education and Skills website.  Here is the link to ours:


To view our individual subject reports, see below:


To view our 2011 WSE report, click here



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