NFTE at Coláiste Bríde

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship or NFTE as it more commonly known began in Coláiste Bríde in September 2013 by Mr Fitzgerald. It is an enterprise programme run by the youth organisation Foroige who provide fantastic support to the students in the programme. In Coláiste Bríde the programme is delivered to students in Transition Year and they have one double class of NFTE per week. The purpose of the programme is for students to set up and run their very own business. Businesses can consist of one, two or three people and each student is given a loan of €15 to help them start their business and this loan must be repaid in full at the end of the year. The students are taught all the different aspects involved in setting up and running a business such as working out their costs, how to conduct market research, how to sell to customers etc. Students are free to set up any business they wish and have complete control over decision making in the business. There are four key parts to completing the programme. Firstly each student must set up their business. Then they must trade their products or services at a trade fair in the school. They must then complete a detailed business plan before they present their business plan and idea at a Dragons Den in the school where one business is chosen to represent the school at the NFTE Regional Finals in the hope of reaching the National Finals. Each student who completes the programme is awarded a certificate from Foroige in recognition of becoming entrepreneurs. In the three years since the programme began over 60 businesses have been set up and over 150 students have graduated from the programme. It is one of the highlights of the Transition Year programme at Coláiste Bríde and we have found that it has helped students when choosing the subjects they wish to take for the Leaving Certificate. Over the course of the programme profits are gained and losses are incurred but the key fact that remains is that life skills and knowledge are attained.

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