2018-19 School Journal

Our 2018-19 school journal cover reflects key school themes of inclusion, diversity, respect, wellbeing, celebration and family.  The #Nano300 logo is central as this year we celebrate the tercentenary of our foundress Nano Nagle, the Lady of the Lantern, bringing light, hope, comfort and solace to the lives of those she served.  In a very special way we recognise the legacy of Nano Nagle through the Presentations Sisters and our schools today.  Each year we invite students to design the cover of the journal and we incorporated their work into the final design.

The winning entry this year was inspired by a design by Daria Margonska.  In her own words Daria describes what inspired her design…

The design of the cover represents many things that connect us.  The two hands represent friendship for each student and how different we all are.  There are many ways to describe someone and that’s why I added words such as being kind, generous, trust worthy etc.  I added some more design and colours for the bracelets representing the peace and love that everyone should have in their hearts.  The heart with the symbol of the school shows the love for the school and that we are all part of the school.

Also contributing, the back cover is based on a design from Weronika Piasecka.  Weronika’s design is based on our school jumper, with the various badges representing the roles and diversity amongst our school community.


School Focus 2018 - 2021

Our Coláiste Bríde 2018-2021 Vision Board reflects the many themes, values, strategies, curricular priorities and responses to identified needs that will help shape our work in the next three academic years.  We will reflect the importance of a welcoming, nurturing, supportive approach within our school community.  We are looking forward to moving from vision to action!

In developing our vision, we engaged with staff, students, members of the Board of Management in identifying our needs and priorities for the school.  We built upon our previous vision and incorporated areas of school practice, our values and DES curricular actions that are the Irish post-primary education agenda.  Our approach shall build upon our previous experience, our staff expertise and hopefully make the vision board become a lived experience in our school.






School Focus 2015 - 2018

Awards Night 2015

Welcome to our annual academic awards ceremony which celebrates achievement, dedication and improvement in the area of learning, a fundamental part of our school mission and purpose.  A huge congratulations to everyone invited here tonight, you are definitely making good choices, decisions, taking responsibility and showing personal leadership for your future.

Here in Coláiste Bríde we are very proud of our students, who are a great bunch of young ladies preparing to play their role in society.  We believe in a positive culture which celebrates achievements, talents and efforts in all areas of school life and throughout the year reward, award and encourage the girls in numerous ways on their journey from 1st to 6th year.

2014/15 has been a great year for the students and staff of Coláiste Bríde, we have much to celebrate.  Our Leaving Certificate students certainly did us, and their parents, very proud with excellent results and so many students achieving their first choice on their CAO options and moving forward into third level education.  Equally, our Junior Certificate results continue to raise standards and we encourage girls to take higher level papers as this gives better preparation for Leaving Certificate and higher education into the future.  We continue to raise aspirations to encourage girls to work to the best of their ability at all times and to explore beyond their comfort zones.

Our school received awards nationally, runner up in Digital Media Awards, intermediate awards for our international links by the British Council, Global Passport – Special Award for Whole School Development Education and at Young Social Innovator – finalist in Making the World a Better Place for Young People.

These awards recognise the great work of staff and students in areas which reach beyond the classroom, preparing our girls to play a leadership role in a society with global connections, through the usage of innovative ICT solutions, creativity, promoting intercultural links and making connections.

Last year at the Awards Night we introduced parents to College for Every Student (CFES) (@collegeFES), a new programme that our school was among 10 schools in Ireland selected by Trinity College Dublin to participate in.  As you may know we worked with our 2nd year CFES Scholars and the entire school to implement the programme which promotes mentoring, leadership and pathways to college/careers. We are most proud to say that within the first year we have achieved the award of “School of Distinction”, reflecting the tremendous work by everyone involved led most capably by Mr Fitzgerald – some of our scholars will tell you more!

Last year was the inaugural Nano Nagle Bursary.   The Bursary Award is a monetary award and is intended to provide a qualifying student, graduating from Coláiste Bríde, with a gift to support and enhance their journey and transition towards their chosen future path.   The Bursary will go to a deserving student and factors for consideration may include: work ethic, economic circumstances, personal commitment, diligence, opportunity, academic achievement etc.  The award will balance all these factors, coupled with a judgement of doing the most benefit for the recipient in continuing their journey with the best wishes of the Board, the teaching staff and the whole school community.

Tonight we welcome the next recipient of the “Nano Nagle Bursary Award” from the Board of Management.  We thank the Parent’s Council for once again helping to promote and fundraise for this award.  By working together in partnership we all achieve so much.

As always, we encourage the students to get involved in extra-curricular activities, to build their skills of teamwork, resilience, organisation, time-management, presentations, debating, to enter competitions, to develop their personalities, to show initiative, dedication, loyalty and leadership which are all most desirable skills and attributes beyond the world of school.

We are most fortunate to enjoy many strategic relationships with organisations complimentary to education and one of the nicest things is to hear how many compliments our girls get on their excellent behaviour, manners, appearance and the positive image of Clondalkin that they promote.  Our students do us proud and you as parents proud on a daily basis, tonight we congratulate them!  Maith sibh a chailíní, keep up the great work, set high expectations and work towards your dream.

I also wish to congratulate all the staff and past-pupils who give so much of their time, care and support to our students by acting as mentors, advisors and advocated.  We are most fortunate to have a tremendous culture of “giving back” within our school and this is mirrored by our students where senior students act as mentors, leaders, prefects in such a caring manner – thank you all so much!

Finally, stay in touch with that is happening at Coláiste Bríde throughout the school year by regularly checking our website and following us on twitter @colaistebride

Is mise, le meas

Marie-Thérèse Kilmartin


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