Transition Year

Transition Year Programme (Optional)


The fundamental principles of Transition Year are based on improving Attitude, Skills and Knowledge.

Transition Year is offered to students who wish to take time before moving into fifth year to build personal confidence, to gain competence in the core academic subjects and to develop skills and initiatives in a way that may not be possible in the more exam orientated classes.

Transition Year also provides another gateway of entry to subject choice at Senior Cycle.

Applicants for the course are selected on the basis of age, maturity, motivation, application and attendance.  Applicants may also face and interview process.  In addition to traditional subjects, Transition Year students participate in a wide range of interesting modules such as:

Driver’s Education                     Mini Company               Horticulture

IT                                           Psychology                   European Studies

Politics                                     Debating                      Forensic Science

Chinese Studies                        Challenge to Change     Development Education

Interior Design                          Social Science

Young Social Innovators (YSI)

Students are also given an opportunity to gain work experience in a variety of situations.  There is limited availability on this course and not all applicants are guaranteed a place.

To download our TY Application Form please click here.

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