Disclaimer: Please note that the school follows the Public Health Guidelines in relation to Covid-19. The guidelines are constantly changing and these changes may not be updated on our website. Please consult the HSE website at all times for the most up to date information

For COVID-19 symptoms

For a list of COVID-19 symptoms please click HERE

If your daughter has symptoms of COVID-19

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, even mild ones, do not come to school. You should:

Do these even if you completed your first round of COVID-19 vaccination, had a booster, or had COVID-19 in the past.

Certain groups of people with symptoms should get a COVID-19 test. (Click on this link for more details)


Find out how to get tested and what to do if you test positive for COVID-19

If your daughter has a Positive PCR or a Positive Antigen Test Result

If you get a positive PCR or Antigen test result for COVID-19 (coronavirus), do not come to school, you need to self-isolate (stay in your room). Do this even if you completed your first round of COVID-19 vaccination, had a booster or had a positive PCR test in the past.

You should self-isolate (stay in your room) as soon as you notice symptoms of COVID-19 or get a positive COVID-19 test result. Either of these are considered day zero when you’re counting your days of self-isolation.

You need to self-isolate (stay in your room) for 7 full days. You can stop isolating after 7 days if you have had no symptoms for the last 48 hours.

It's OK to stop self-isolating even if you have a mild cough or changes to your sense of smell – these can last for weeks after the infection has gone.

You do not need to do any more tests unless you develop symptoms again after finishing self-isolation.

Follow the links below for more information:

Antigen Test Results:

Positive PCR Test Result:

After your 7 days of self-isolation

When you stop self-isolating after 7 days, you need to take extra care for another 3 days to reduce the risk of passing COVID-19 on.

Be especially careful in places that are:

  • crowded
  • enclosed
  • poorly ventilated
  • hard to avoid close contact with people

You should:

  • limit close contact with other people outside your household
  • wear a face covering
  • avoid contact with anyone who is at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19
  • work from home unless it is essential to go to work in person
  • follow all the usual advice on how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19

If your daughter is a Close Contact:

If you have been identified as a Close Contact please follow the advice from the HSE on the following link:

Procedures for returning to school after Covid related absence

If your daughter is absent for ANY REASON RELATING TO COVID-19 you must contact the school as soon as possible. This includes returning to school after travel abroad.

Inform the school of your daughter’s absence in writing by emailing

If your daughter has COVID-19 symptoms they must self-isolate (stay in their room) and follow Public Health Guidelines.

Please note:

Ms. Hopkins is the point of contact regarding COVID-19 related absences only. For all other enquiries regarding your daughter's subjects and or exams while she is absent please contact your daughter's class teachers directly.

  • Please ensure that your daughter has the HSE screenshots on her phone. This may include HSE text messages and PCR test (if applicable).
  • If the absence was due to travel, please ensure that your daughter has screenshots, or a picture of the PCR tests result /vaccination certificate (if applicable) on her phone.

Include in your email:

  1. If your daughter is symptomatic or a close contact, household close contact.
  2. Screenshot of the message from the HSE if your daughter is a close contact/household close contact.
  3. Test results (attach screenshots of the HSE text message if applicable). Pictures of Antigen tests are not required.
  4. How long your daughter will be absent from school for.
  5. Proposed day of return to school.

**This must be fully complete at least one full school day before the student plans to return to school**

On the morning of your daughter’s return, she must meet Ms. Hopkins in the GPA between 8.20am and 8.30am. This is to check in upon her return and to ensure that all HSE advice has been followed.

Below are some helpful links relating to Covid-19:

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