Hello, my name is Sallyann White and I have recently been appointed as Home School Community Liaison Coordinator in Coláiste Bríde. I am delighted to take on this new role and we are thrilled to have been allocated this position in our school for the first time. I have been a teacher here for many years (too long to count!) and have seen so many students progress to reach their potential in their chosen careers. The scheme, (HSCL), is designed to support students through creating a partnership between parents/guardians, the local community and school. You play the central role in your child’s education and together we can help our students to grow and flourish in Coláiste Bríde. As part of my work, I may get the opportunity to meet some of you during home visits, where I can listen, offer advice, and perhaps provide information around concerns you may have about your child in school. These visits may be unannounced, pre-arranged or by request. My role is purely to support you in your dealings with Coláiste Bríde and to help create and maintain positive relationships between our school and the families of our students.

I am also part of the pastoral care team whose role is to support and promote the welfare and wellbeing of all students in the school. I hope to organise courses and activities for parents/guardians on a range of topics, in our beautiful school. We welcome your involvement in school and you are always most welcome. Our aim is to achieve the best outcome for your child. I look forward to meeting you and please feel free to contact me at the number listed below. My office hours are as follows:


If your child is having difficulty attending school, please take a look at the booklet linked below for some tips & advice...


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