Learning Leaders

What is the Learning Hub and how did it get started?

The origins of this student led initiative began in 2017. Tasked with maximising student achievement and potential our school had the vision of empowering students to become leaders of learning. We recognised the importance of peer leadership, focusing on developing study and learning skills for students which would in turn empower other young people. This initiative we feel is the future of education in Ireland and continues to shine brightly Nano Nagle’s lantern of learning.

When did the Learning Hub start?

In September 2017 The Learning Hub was launched. It takes place every Monday and Wednesday at lunch time and is an exciting opportunity for students to learn to learn. It is open to all students in our school and teachers act as facilitators at it. Peer learning and mentoring is at the heart of The Learning Hub. This builds on studies and research which has shown that the best way to learn is to teach it to someone else. Learning Stations in the Hub are equipped with resources, laminators and aids to help students learn. Mind Maps used as place mats ensure that students are surrounded by learning tips and techniques to help them learn. Student teach meets regularly take place and as well as it being a great opportunity for students to learn and develop their study skills it also an opportunity for the Learning Leaders to work on their confidence and presenting skills. The Learning Leaders have proved themselves to be fantastic role models and mentors as they support and guide their peers in the build up to exams. Every student who attends is awarded for attending with a Learning Hub attendance stamp and a Well Done stamp.

Testimonial from Learning Hub Teacher Co-Ordinator Miss C. Kelly:

The Learning Hub and the leadership shown by the Learning Leaders has surpassed the vision we had for it at the start of the academic year. The Learning Leaders have become a very powerful student voice in our school and have generated a new level of excitement about learning and learning to learn. The Learning Leaders have shown through all their hard work and student led initiatives that they are prepared to and have truly gone “one step beyond”.

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