Coláiste Bríde are delighted to advise you as part of our pastoral care programme we recently reintroduced the Rainbows programme in our school. This programme was available for many years here in Coláiste Bríde and supported many students at difficult times in their lives. It is open to students from First to Transition Year.

When significant change and loss happens in a family, the entire family can be affected, including children and young people. Children and young people may find it difficult to understand their feelings and often do not have the words to say how they feel.

Rainbows provides group support for young people following a bereavement, parental separation, and divorce (separate groups for bereavement and for separation/divorce). Meeting others of a similar age and in a similar situation can be very supportive and helpful for young people.

Rainbows is not a counselling group or professional therapy. It provides a safe space of meaningful listening support for young people – as often they do not want to cause further upset to parents and guardians or add to their worries.

If you would like your child to attend Rainbows or would like more information, please email dmcardle@colaistebride.com

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